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Skin The appearance theme in Special:Preferences. Disambiguator, disambiguation tag The extra text added to an ambiguous base name to form an unambiguous article title. The members of a WikiProject might work to improve and maintain a Wiki portal of the same or related name. Stubs are marked with stub templates, a specific type of cleanup template, which add the articles to stub categories sorted by subject matter. WikiProject An active group of Wikipedia editors working together to improve a specific group of articles and files, usually those on one or more related topics. Gloss, glosses, glossing In editing, a gloss is brief explanation that accompanies a text. Null edit A null edit is made when an editor opens the edit window of a document then re-saves the page without having made any text changes. Sysop, Sys-op, Sys-Op A less-used name for Administrator. Wikislap Providing someone with the URL of a Wikipedia article when he or she expresses a lack of knowledge about a particular topic. ME A minor edit to an article. Taxobox A type of infobox, a taxobox is a taxonomy table positioned at the right side of an entry for a species or organism (or for a genus or family giving a chart of the kingdom, phylum, etc.

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Original post, original poster In a discussion thread, refers to the topic/person/message which started the discussion. Destination The destination of a name is the page or section to which it takes the reader in the main namespace. To wikify an article could refer to applying any form of wiki-markup, such as standard headings and layout, including the addition of infoboxes and other templates, or bolding/italicizing of text. RC An abbreviation for Recent changes RC Patrol A group of volunteer editors who examine Recent changes logs for vandalism and other undesirable edits. Messages written to influence the outcome rather than to improve the quality of a discussion, or sent to a cherry-picked "cabal" are considered disruptive since they compromise the consensus building process. Undisambiguated An article title without a disambiguator is said to be the undisambiguated title or base name. Comment out To hide from normal display whilst retaining the material for editors to see. When an article's links becomes outdated and no longer work, the article is said to have undergone link rot. Bot A program that automatically or semi-automatically adds or edits Wikipedia-pages. A process by which articles that do not qualify for speedy deletion but are able to be uncontroversially deleted can be removed from Wikipedia without going through a full AfD process.

multimassage haarlem seks massage

, Wiki-ogre, wikiogre, etc. On Wikipedia, this is less of a problem than on other wikis, due to well-established boundaries for user conduct, clear guidelines for article content, and a formal dispute resolution process. Free link A link pointing to another page within Wikipedia or its sister projects by using the wiki markup double square-brackets " and ". Pages can be speedily deleted only under very specific circumstances; see Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion for those. Special:Deadendpages lists them, but this function is disabled in some Wikimedia projects for performance reasons. It will take you to a Wikipedia article that is chosen by a computer algorithm without any deliberate pattern or meaning to the choice. Involves either renaming the page or moving it and constructing a redirect to keep the original link intact. Also the name of a specific template, tl, which provides a template link,.e., links a page to a template without allowing the template's code to operate on that page. Specifically, a WikiProject banner template applied to a talk page.

The AfD of swinger stuttgart nudist bilder an article refers to the multimassage haarlem seks massage discussion wherein Wikipedians consider whether an article should be kept or deleted. Wik" A Wikipedia sister project to create a free online collection of"tions. She is the mascot character of various WikiProjects. See also: Wikipedia:Template namespace. As a user does not necessarily lose his or her anonymity by registering or logging in, this term should be avoided. Dead-end page Page that has no links to existing other pages, except interlanguage links. See also Sea of blue, red link, and WikiProject Red Link Recovery. Tl Short for "template". A reference to a vandal from 2006. 1 iban, I-BAN An abbreviation referring to an interaction ban between two or more editors, usually used to reduce or eliminate a conflict. CC-BY-SA Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. A wiki template, in general. See also Wikipedia:Shortcut for the policy on these redirects, and Wikipedia:List of shortcuts for a complete list. Retarget, re-target See Repoint. RA Wikipedia:Requested articles, a place to ask people to create articles that should exist but do not.