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Zombie portal A portal that previously was deleted or was previously a redirect. Hallo Ich bin. Due to its high exposure, all content on the Main Page is protected. CIR Competence Is Required. SME An acronym for subject matter expert. Recent changes are checked regularly by editors doing RC patrol, which means checking all suspicious edits to catch vandalism as early as possible. Bar A placeholder name. Base name A base name is an undisambiguated article title. Fork A splitting of an entity to satisfy different groups of people in Wikipedia, this can either mean a project-wide split, in which a group of users decides to take a project database and continue with it on their own site (which is perfectly legal. Gdanzig An edit war over which of several possible names should be used for a place. Speedy delete Deletion of a page without prior discussion. Trout, trout-slapping A rebuke. Talk page A page reserved for discussion of the page with which it is associated, such as the article page.

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Best, orgasmus, porn Movies @ DrTuber List of tallest buildings in Los Angeles, wikipedia Private Amateurvideos: Echte Privatamateure beim Amateursex Echter Amateur Usersex Wie bekomme ich einen m glichst guten These porn videos. Orgasmus will make you loose your sleep! These are XXX movies worth of watching right now on DrTuber. The tallest building in Los Angeles is the Wilshire Grand Center, which became the tallest building in is also the tallest building in the state of California. Geile Schlampe wird in Nylon geschw ngert FSH Date Sex, Freunde, Petting) Wie bringe ich meinen Mann dazu, mich fremdficken Erotik massage wohlen sexkontakte in bochum / Singlede mainz Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs Wikipedia The Wilshire Grand Center also stands as the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, and the 9th-tallest building in the United States. Seven of the ten tallest buildings in California are located in Los Angeles. This is a glossary of terms commonly used. Wikipedia.For a shorter and simpler glossary aimed at readers rather than editors, see Help:Glossary.

show good faith after a three-revert rule violation. See also Wikipedia:CamelCase and Wikipedia. Sometimes termed "revert war", see also the three revert rule. Main Page balance See Balancing the Main Page. The inserted material (html ins ) tag is sometimes used with it to show a replacement for the struck material (like this). Technically, it is the highest user access level, but Developer privileges are generally only used at request. See also Wikipedia:Volunteer Response Team. VFD Used to refer to the "Votes for deletion" page. AN Abbreviation for " Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard a discussion location for Wikipedia administrators. An die Jungs: Habt ihr es schon mal geschafft, mehrmals zu kommen? Stub An article considered too short to give an adequate introduction to a subject (often one paragraph or less). Double redirect A redirect which leads to another redirect.

(WMF a non-profit organization that provides a legal, financial, and organizational framework for Wikipedia and its sister projects and provides the necessary hardware. If by doing so the subject area is broadened, the term upscope is sometimes used. Es war jaetzt imm so, wenn er abgesp. Sometimes disputed because of josefines offenbach sextreffen mainz violations of copyright, linking to partisan websites, possible distortions or those reliable sources, or because it may contain comments on the reputable sources that other editors do not like. WikiOgre, Wiki-ogre, wikiogre, etc. Development is now focused on incremental progress. Substub A very short stub article, usually consisting of only one sentence. Undisambiguated An article title without a disambiguator is said to be the undisambiguated title or base name. Un-wikify, unwikify Same as de-wikify. Weiterlesen 2 Antworten - Letzte Antwort:.09.09 17:43 von paul2000. Neues Thema in der Kategorie Orgasmus erstellen. Falls Sie bereits Mitglied der Community sind, können Sie sich hier anmelden. Systemic bias In Wikipedian terms, this refers to the preponderance of Wikipedia articles relating to subjects specific to English-speaking and/or Western countries, as opposed to those from the rest of the world. Nom Short for "nomination" or "nominator".

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See Wikipedia:Bots, Rambot, Vandalbot. E.g., on RfA, this can typically be a vote such as "Oppose because x, y, and z are supporting." The opposite is called a sheep vote. Rvt Same. When a Wikipedian takes a break from Wikipedia. Often used when identifying a duplicate page that needs to be merged with another.

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The term also applies to making a very small, non-substantive change (e.g., removing an unneeded blank line or adding one) in order to get the article history to register a change, for the purpose of leaving an edit summary that responds to a previous one. RfB, RFB Wikipedia:Requests for bureaucratship. Articles become featured articles when a FAC gets consensus for promotion. This removal is "per the Snowball clause". Many users use userboxes on their user page, although some look down upon. Can also stand for Open Proxy. CV, cv Abbreviation of Copyvio. RAA R equest for A dministrator A ttention. "Protologism" itself can be considered either a protologism or neologism. On Wikipedia, this is less of a problem than on other wikis, due to well-established boundaries for user conduct, clear guidelines for article content, and a formal dispute resolution process. A special case of circular reference. (By way of analogy to scope creep.) Edit link See Broken link. Userspace draft A draft created in a user's "userspace". Cut and paste moves can be fixed by administrators.

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